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Louder Than Ever Album 2014
Motherland Album 2013
It Comes Alive (Maid In Switzerland) Live Album 2012
Pandemonium Album 2010
Wake Up To The Real World Album 2006
Alive At Least Album 2003
Planet Panic Album 2002
Carpe Diem Album 2000
First Cuts And Then Some Compilation 1999
Massacre's Classix Shape Edition Compilation 1999
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing Album 1999
Spooked Album 1997
Stripped Album 1993
Offside EP 1992
Sin-Decade Album 1992
In Santas Claws EP 1990
Jump The Gun Album 1990
The Best Of Back To Back Compilation 1988
Future World Album 1987
Love Games EP 1987
Screamin' Live Live Album 1985
Scream Album 1984
Red Hot And Heavy Album 1984
Pretty Maids EP 1983