Country of origin:Formed in:


Current line upInstrument
Carl SentanceVocals
Jimmy MurrisonGuitar
Pete Agnew Bass
Lee Agnew Drums

NAZARETH is a Scottish hard rock band founded in 1968. The band is made up of Dan McCafferty (vocals), Pete Agnew (bass), Manny Charlton (guitar), and Darrell Sweet (drums). Nazareth's early music was heavily influenced by blues-rock, but as the band developed they started integrating elements of heavy metal as well as traditional Scottish music.

The band's first album, "Nazareth", came out in 1971 and included the hit single "Morning Dew". "Expect No Music" followed in 1977 with the hit singles "Broken Down Angel" and "Bad Boy". In 1975, the band released "Hair of the Dog" with the hit single "Love Hurts".

NAZARETH 's success continued through the 1970s and 1980s with several more albums and hit singles, amongst others "Razamanaz" (1973), "Loud 'n' Proud" (1974), "Play 'n' the Game" (1976), "No Mean City" (1978), "The Fool Circle" (1980) and "Snaz" (1981).

In the 1990s, the band experienced a change in the line-up but continued touring nevertheless and released new music. In 2000, Nazareth brought out "Boogaloo" and "The Newz" in 2008, which were both incredibly well received by critics and fans alike.

During the course of their story, NAZARETH was known for their energetic live shows, and they are touring and putting on shows still to this day. In 2007, the band received several awards, amongst others the Scottish Music Hall of Fame. Today, Pete Agnew is the only remaining founding member of the band as they are still touring and releasing new albums.