Festival AGB

Terms of business

By purchasing this ticket, the customer accepts the following terms set up by the event's promoter.

1. Non-adults under 16 are only allowed to enter the event site in company of a legal guardian or with a written consent signed by a legal guardian.

2. Promoter does not wear responsibility for the event's form, content, duration and volume.

3. It is possible that loud music at concerts and festivals may cause auditory defects.

4. Schadensersatzansprüche aus positiver Forderungsverletzung, Verschulden bei Vertragsabschluss und unerlaubter Handlung sind ausgeschlossen, soweit die Veranstalter, deren gesetzliche Vertreter oder seine Erfüllungsgehilfen nicht vorsätzlich oder grob fahrlässig gehandelt haben. Schadensersatzansprüche aus Unmöglichkeit der Leistung und Verzug sind bei leichter Fahrlässigkeit auf den Ersatz des vorhersehbaren Schadens beschränkt.

5. Earplugs are available at the official festival merchandise booth.

6. The following items may not be brought on to the site: glass containers and bottles, tetrapaks, tin cans, large plastik cans, fireworks, flares, torches and any kind of weapons. All items will be confiscated. Anyone resisting confiscation of disallowed items or disregarding these conditions will face eviction. You may be body searched at the entrance.

7. The promoter reserves his right to refuse entry to and/or eject visitors from the event and/or venue in reasonable circumstances including without limitation for health and safety or licensing reasons. In case he makes use of this right, he will refund the equal of the face value of the already purchased festival ticket.

8. Entering the venue with any kind of professional photographic equipment, audio or video recording devices is strictly restricted. Any kind of video or audio recordings are strictly forbidden, including recordings made for personal use only. Any violation of these terms will be prosecuted criminally.

9. On leaving the venue, your ticket is void (except for the camping ground). You may only reenter wearing a valid identcontrol-armwrist.

10. The only parties bound by contract due to the purchase of a ticket are the purchaser and owner of the ticket and the promoter.

11. Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged unless the event is cancelled. Refunds are limited to the face value of the purchased ticket.

12. The promoter reserves his right to reschedule or relocate the event. In case of rescheduling or relocating, any refunds must be claimed before the date of the event.

13. The promoter reserves his right to change the event programme without any prior public announcement.

14. When parking your car, follow the orders of our security personel, please. Please use public transport.

15. Parking your car at or near the venue and camping ground is at your own risk.

16. The promoter does not accept liability for personal damages, losses or stolen items.

17. Camping is allowed at the site only in designated camping areas. Instructions of our camping security personnel are to be followed. Any camping outside the designated camping areas, e. g. on the surrounding meadows, is strictly restricted. Any violation may result in charges pressed against by the ground's owner.

18. The campingsite is reserved for festival visitors. Any camping without purchasing a valid festival ticket ist restricted. No refunds are given for camping tickets purchased "accidentally" without owning a valid festival ticket.

19. Please get your tickets at our online shop at www.bang-your-head.de.

20. Ticket purchase for the purpose of resale is restricted.

21. Tickets are security printed and therefore only valid with the security print.

22. Please note that the local police department might stop you on arrival and/or departure to check if you're driving under the influence of alcohol.

23. If tickets ordered with cash on delivery chosen as payment method don't get received or picked up at the local post department in time, the ticket purchaser will bear all delivery costs. The promoter will invoise these costs. If the purchaser denies to pay the invoiced amount, the promoter reserves his right to add these costs to the sum of any kind of future order by the purchaser. Furthermore, the promoter reserves his right to take legal actions and/or to deny any further delivery to the purchaser.