What is forbidden to take to the festival site?
The following items are forbidden on the festival site:

  • glas and plastic bottles
  • cans (Drinks, deodorant, etc.)
  • canisters
  • pyrotechnics
  • torches
  • weapons (yes, brass knuckles and baseball bats ARE weapons!)
  • knives and similar objects like nail files and screwdrivers
  • studded belts and studded wristbands
  • ammunition belts with pointy tips
  • chairs (for exceptions see handycapped people)
  • walking sticks (for exceptions see handycapped people)
  • audio recorder
  • film camera
  • video cameras
  • action cameras (GoPro's etc.)
  • reflex cameras / SLR
  • high res. digital cameras (3 megapixels or more)