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24. Apr 2020

Hello friends,

we are really overwhelmed by the degree of your support - whether with words or deeds, whether with encouraging messages and comments, participation in our solidarity campaigns or with regular...

21. Apr 2020

Dear friends,

first of all we'd like to say a heartfelt thank you for the understanding and above all for your solidarity ins response to the year's "Corona break" we had to announce las last week. It is...

16. Apr 2020

Hello friends,

which each passing day it has become more and more foreseeable. Now, to your and to our great regret, it is almost certain: the music festival summer falls victim to the Corona crisis.


02. Apr 2020
25. Mar 2020

Hello friends,

last week, we were pretty happy to announce ULI JON ROTH as the final act of the ROCK OF AGES artist line up 2020, thus completing the billing. Unfortunately, we've received bad news about a...